Beyond Exterior

All New Modern and Fascinating Exterior Design
Highlight Features
  • New Bold Front Bumper Design with New Sharp LED Headlamp (All Type) and new Fog Lamp (1.5 G Type)
  • New Fascinating LED Rear Combination With Backdoor Lamp (1.5 G Type)
  • New Auto Retractable Mirror (1.5 G Type)
  • New Dashing Two Tone 16″ Alloy Wheel (1.5 G Type)
  • New Fascinating Led Rear Combination Lamp Design (1.3 E MT Type)
  • New Dashing 15″ Alloy Wheel Design (1.3 E MT Type)

Beyond Interior

More Spacious For Bigger Purpose
Highlight Features
  • New Striking Full Dashboard Design (1.5 G Type)
  • New Pleasant Long Sofa Mode (All Type)
  • New Comfortable 7 Seaters (All Type)
  • New Dynamic Head Unit 9″ Display (1.5 G Type)
  • New Dynamic Head Unit 7″ Display (1.3 E MT Type)
  • New 4’2 TFT MID (1.5 G Type)

Beyond Safety

Features That will provide you with a sense of security for better driving experiences
Highlight Features
  • Pre-Collision Warning and Pre-Collision Braking (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Front Departure Alert (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Pedal misoperation Control (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)

Beyond Performance

Present a safe and comfortable driving experience with your family.
Highlight Features
  • New CVT Transmission

Beyond Comfort

Present a safe and comfortable driving experience with your family
Highlight Features
  • New Comfortable Suspension¬†(All Type)

Beyond Connected

Features that are accessed through mToyota to stay connected and provide a complete solution for your vehicle needs.
Highlight Features
  • Find My Car (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Geofencing (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • E-Care (Maintenance) (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Inquiry & Support Center (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
  • Road Assistance (1.5 G CVT TSS Type)
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